Frequently Asked Questions

Booking & Payments

Where can I find availability?

To find out if a property is available you must submit an enquiry form for the dates required. For security reasons, we don’t publicise the exact availability details of any of our properties.

Is there a set arrival & departure day for each villa? Is this flexible?

The arrival time for our properties is usually between 4-5pm, the exact time is specified for each property. The departure time is also specified for the agreed day of departure and is normally by 10am

How do I book a Villa?

To book a villa, simply submit an enquiry form and we will be in touch to confirm your booking and guide you through the process. We deal personally and are on hand to help as and when you need or for any question/s you might have.

What is the process of booking a villa through Anglo French Properties?

A deposit of 25% of the rent will be payable to Anglo French Properties Ltd on signing the Rental Agreement, with the 75% balance normally to be paid 8 weeks prior to the commencement of the tenancy. Upon signing the contract we will be in touch throughout and as needed to answer any questions. We will send you any relevant house and supplementary information as well as directions ahead well ahead of time. We will remind you when payments are due.

What happens if I cancel a booking?

No refund of rent will be made should the tenancy be cancelled less than 10 weeks before the
commencement of the tenancy. Should, between the payment of deposit of the rent and the payment of the remaining balance ofthe rent, the Lessee for any reason cancel or request a reduction in the term of the tenancy, the Lessor and his Agent will endeavour to relet the property for the period in question. However, in such an event the Lessee will forfeit any shortfall in rent subsequently achieved up to a maximum of the initial booking deposit.

When do I need to pay my deposit and how much is it?

A Booking and Security Deposit will also be payable to Anglo French Properties Ltd on signing this Rental Agreement.

When is the full balance due?

The full balance is due 8-10 weeks prior to the commencement of the tenancy. Anglo French Properties will be in touch to remind you that the payment is due when it is due.

Do I need holiday insurance?

It is required that all parties take out holiday insurance.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

To reserve your property (and prevent anyone else from booking it for the same dates) we ask you to pay a 25% rental deposit.

Why am I being asked to pay a security deposit?

Our properties are greatly loved private homes and our owners have spent much time, effort and investment in creating beautiful spaces for their guests to enjoy. It is therefore crucial that we request a security deposit which protects the owners, their personal belongings and the beautiful homes they share with guests. The security deposit is your acceptance that you understand that you are responsible for the property during your stay and that if damage does occur, you will be accountable for covering the cost of repair or replacement. Our owners do understand that accidents happen and do not usually seek recompense for minor damage. We do ask that you notify us or the owners should any damage happen so that it can be remedied in time for the next guests. We endeavour to return the cautionary/security deposit to you as soon as possible after you leave the property.

Are discounts available?

There are no discounts available. The price however does fluctuate based on the season. June and September in particular but other months also are lovely times to be in France and Italy, much quieter and weekly rates are substantially less than the high summer months.

Are there any additional costs?

Should you wish for any additional housework or cooking, the cost of this will be the responsibility of the tenants and they should pay the cleaners and cooks directly (if available). In some properties there is cleaning included in the price. This will always be detailed in the property information. Pool heating can sometimes be available at additional cost if desired. This will always be stated in the property details. In the South of France for instance, pool heating is often available at additional cost, but the weather is so warm the pool heating is unnecessary.

Does the rental price include VAT?

There is no VAT.

Can I have early check in and late departure?

Arrival and departure times are set so that house staff have ample time to ready the house to a high standard for the arrival of each guest. There are occasions when it may be possible for arrival and departure times to be adapted such as during quieter times of the year at smaller properties but each request is at the discretion of the property owner and taken on a case-by-case basis. Any such request must be raised and confirmed in advance.

Can I request additional services for my stay?

Any additional services, if available, (eg extra cleaning or cooking) will be agreed in advance at a pre-agreed rate per hour. These costs will be the sole responsibility of the tenant. We will ask if you would like this at the point of booking. If the cooking is desired, Anglo French Properties will put you in contact with the chef / cook so you can liaise directly.


Is the property suitable for children?

For each property we have detailed what equipment is available for children (eg high chairs, cots, toys etc). Children should never be left unattended by or in the swimming pools.

Are children included in the capacity?

Small children in cots may be allowed in addition to the specified accommodation capacity of the house. If in doubt do please ask.

Are cots and high chairs available?

For each property we have detailed what is available for children in the way of high chairs, cots, toys, etc.

Will the pool be safe for children?

In France swimming pools must by law be ‘protected’ by either a secure fence, a safe cover or within a building or the swimming pool alarmed. None of these things are relacement for the responsibility of parents and guardians for their children at all times.


Can catering be organised?

Should you want catering for your party (either for a special evening or throughout your stay) this can usually be arranged. We will ask whether this is something you would like at the point of booking so it can be arranged well ahead of time.

Do the properties have air conditioning?

It is detailed on the individual property page if the property has airconditioning or fans. In some cases, the traditional build of houses as well as proper use of shutters means that they stay relatively cool and comfortable without the need for airconditioning in the hot summer months.

Do all of our properties have swimming pools?

All of our properties have swimming pools.

Do our properties have tennis courts?

Some of our properties have tennis courts, the surface of which can vary from one property to another. Where properties do not have a tennis court of their own, there are normally tennis courts close by that are easily accessible. These details are also supplied in the details for each property and in the housebook. If you are searching for properties with tennis courts of their own, you can do this by using the search filters on the website, or get in touch with us.


Why is it necessary for you to know the age and occupation of my group?

Aside from it being an insurance and health and safety requirement that we know who is staying at a property in the instance of fire, AFP’s properties are private homes and owners do like to have an idea of the breakdown of your group. Due to the nature of certain properties, some might have specific property restrictions in place. Any such restrictions will be listed on individual property pages.

Am I permitted to have guests visit me at the property?

This entirely depends upon the circumsatnces. If in doubt please ask. Under no circumstances are additional guests allowed to stay at the property in addition to the numbers allowed ot agreed.

Health & Safety

What is used to keep the swimming pools clean/clear?

In our portfolio of properties we have a mix of methods for keeping swimming pools clean and clear. It is either the gentler saltwater or traditional chlorine. This is detailed in the individual property details.


Can I bring my dog(s)?

This entirely depends on the property. If you would like to bring a dog / dogs with you then do make sure to ask at the point of booking. Permission is always sought from the owners. Sometimes there is an additional cleaning fee for having dogs that can either be added to the booking or taken out of the security deposit at the end of the tenancy.


Why don't you give out property addresses?

For security reasons, we don’t publicise the exact address details of any of our properties. What we do show is the nearest village or town so that you can start thinking about travel arrangements and identifying things to do nearby. Once we’ve confirmed your booking with the owner, we will send you the full address and directions.

Distance to nearest airports or train stations

Just click on the ‘how to get there’ section on the property that’s caught your eye. All the information you need should be there. If in doubt, get in touch with us and we can suggest ways of getting to our properties. This is particularly relevant for those driving. We have various suggestions on how to plan and enjoy the journey which can become a very enjoyable part of the holiday. We also provide directions for driving.

Do I need to hire a car?

We would recommend booking/hiring a car for all of our holidays if you are not already driving there.


Why do we rename properties?

Sometimes, to keep the property’s address private we have to change the name as well. We try to choose names that reflect the property’s history, character and setting so that you can still get a good idea of its style and story. Once we’ve confirmed your booking, we’ll send you the property’s real name and full address.

What do I do if something doesn´t seem quite right at the property?

We work closely with our property owners to ensure that they make every effort to ensure flawless, perfect stays at their properties but very occasionally, things may not meet our own exacting standards. If this is the case we want you to let us know as soon as possible and ideally within 24 hours. This will enable the property owner to investigate the issue and to do our very best to take any remedial action necessary. If you do not tell us (or the owner or housekeeping team) the issue cannot be addressed and we will assume that everything is perfect for you. We will send a text 24hrs after you have arrived to check all is happy and in order.

Do the owners live on site?

In our current portfolio no owners live on site. Occasionally a guardien or guardien couple will live on site. They are always discreet and usually carry out their duties early in the morning.

Do any staff live on site?

Certain of our properties have resident guardians that live in separate / independent accommodation. In all cases, they are descreet and are there to ensure the smooth running of your stay in the property.

If a property has a main house and an annexe will there ever be other people there?

When guests book they will be the sole occupiers of the entire property. This includes any annexe’s, guest houses, pigeonniers etc that might be on the property, even if their group doesn’t need the additional accommodation.

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