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Umbria and Tuscany are two of Italy’s most picturesque regions, renowned for their stunning landscapes, rich history, and cultural heritage. Umbria, often referred to as the “”Green Heart of Italy, is characterized by its rolling hills, lush valleys, and medieval hilltop towns such as Assisi, with its Basilica of St. Francis. It’s also famous for its rustic cuisine, including dishes like truffles, wild boar, and hearty soups. Pasta abounds!

Tuscany is celebrated for its iconic landscapes dotted with vineyards, olive groves, and cypress trees. It’s home to world-famous cities like Florence, with its Renaissance art and architecture, and Siena, known for its medieval streets and the Palio horse race. Tuscan cuisine is revered for its simplicity and use of fresh, local ingredients, showcased in dishes like ribollita, bistecca alla fiorentina, and bruschetta. Both regions offer visitors a blend of natural beauty, cultural treasures, and culinary delights, making them classic destinations for travellers seeking an authentic Italian experience.

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Holidays matter. They are an opportunity to step away from the everyday and bring together the people you love to enjoy the very best that a special place has to offer. We have carefully selected an exclusive portfolio of beautiful homes in France and Italy that deliver with charm, comfort and character, appealing to all generations. We have first hand experience living and growing up in France and love to share our knowledge and experience to make your holiday truly memorable in every way